National Anthem


The Benevolent Dictatorship of Baja LasVegastan

Orange, blue, and yellow banner,
Flag of our beloved land,
We salute you and adore you,
And the man for whom you stand.

Great Tom Streeter is Our Leader,
Dictateur Benev'lent he!
He shall have an everlasting
Cult of personality.

Yes, it's nice that Stalin rewrote the Hymn of the Soviet Union to include his own name. This is standard practice for all dictators, whether benevolent or malevolent. However -- and tellingly -- Stalin deliberately excluded the phrase "cult of personality" from the lyrics of the Soviet Hymn. This is proof positive that he was a Malevolent Dictator.

In contrast, Great Tom Streeter, Our Leader, just as deliberately included the phrase "cult of personality" in the lyrics of the National Anthem of Baja LasVegastan. This is proof positive that he is a Benevolent Dictator.

Here is some sheet music.