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Contact Me Securely

Not many emails need the extra security of encryption or anonymization – but when you need that extra security, you need it.

Contact Me Privately

If you want to encrypt your correspondence with me, and we already know each other, then don't use email. Instead, please set up a video call using Zoom. 

Contact Me Anonymously

If you want to have a correspondence with me which is unencrypted but anonymous, then please Google on "anonymous email" . Pick something which looks convenient to you. 

Contact Me Both Privately and Anonymously

If you need both privacy and anonymity, then sign up for an anonymous account with Tutanota.
Do the following three things, no matter who you want to conceal your identity from, as you prepare to exchange encrypted messages with me over Tutanota:What you need to do depends on who you want to conceal your identity from, as we exchange encrypted messages:

(1) Encrypted Messaging While Concealing Your Identity Only From Me

If you need to send an encrypted message to me while concealing your identity only from me, and not also from Tutanota (or from other parties, such as Tutanota's hackers), then take the following steps:

(2) Encrypted Messaging While Concealing Your Identity From Tutanota As Well As From Me

If you need to additionally conceal your identity from Tutanota as well as from me, then:

(3) Encrypted Messaging While Concealing Your Identity Only From Tutanota

If you need to conceal your identity only from Tutanota (and from Tutanota's hackers), and not also from me, then don't worry about making your letter to me anonymous.

Third Parties With Power

Yes, you also have to trust me to not reveal the existence or contents of our correspondence to third parties, especially third parties with power.


Of course, none of this will work against the NSA, nor against any other very sophisticated hacker.

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