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Non-Screaming Politics

Non-Screaming Politics is a political discussion group.
What makes the politics in this group so non-screaming? The Rules:
  1. You are entitled to speak only when you have the buck. 
  2. When you get the buck, and start speaking, you must support or oppose an action which a politician has the power to take or not take. 
  3. You must state why you support or oppose the action. You may not merely state that you support or oppose the action. 
  4. You may voluntarily pass the buck at any time, but only by actually passing it. 
  5. You must pass the buck if you have been speaking for more than two minutes – at least if someone else reaches out his or her hand to take the buck. Two minutes is, after all, the allotted time in presidential debates.
  6. This is a face-to-face political venue. 
These rules are subject to change. Contact me with your suggestions! I'll post the current rules at least three days ahead of time. See you there!