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Title of Nobility

Every worthy person shall, as a matter of right, be granted a title of nobility by the Benevolent Dictator of Baja LasVegastan. This applies both to full
subjects of the Benevolent Dictator, and also to mere temporary admittees from the USA (or from any other nation). An early-granted title was, for example, "Benevolent Dictatrix of Alta Baja LasVegastan". A more recent one was granted to our friend Cheryl at the request of her husband: "Carl's Fantasy Come True".

So, what would you like your title to be?

Additional features and benefits!
  • Title of nobility includes certificate! 
    • Click here to download a .DOC format version of the certificate, ready for you to insert your name and chosen title.
    • Pre-printed certificates are also available at the annual Baja LasVegastan Independence Day Party, ready for you to hand-print in your name and title.
  • Title of nobility also includes ceremonial purple sash and nametag, suitable for wearing at the annual Baja LasVegastan Independence Day Party!
The Benevolent Dictator (like most sovereigns) has a weak memory, and (like most sovereigns) often grants the same title of nobility to two (or more!) persons. Don't worry! The Benevolent Dictator has lots of purple sashes, and honors all of the associated titles of nobility!


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