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My temporary email address (and spam filter) is
  • This is a temporary email address. 
    • I deliberately let through everything which arrives at this address, even spam. This way, your first message to me will get through.
    • I change this temporary address whenever the spammers discover it. Come back to this webpage to see what the temporary address currently is. Usually, I change only the numbers.
  • When you send an email to me at this temporary address, please include instructions on how I can get through your spam filter (if you have one) when I respond. Otherwise, l'll respond to your "Reply-To:" address, from my "real" email address, and hope for the best.
  • Yes, my spam filter sometimes overshoots. If you haven't received my e-reply within a reasonable time, then please try again. Or call me on the phone, or send me a snail mail letter. If it's just before Third Sunday, then drive to my home and chat with me over Crumpets and Tea.
  • Email is inherently insecure.  Click here if you need to contact me privately, anonymously, or both.


(949) 668-3468

Video Calls

I use the Zoom video service.
  • Please confirm perhaps by telephone or email  that I'm at my computer before making a video call to me.
  • Zoom accounts:
    • Click here to download the software and open an account.
    • Have a self-selected password (and your email address) ready.
    • Yes, you have to step through a few dialog boxes, but it's really not that complicated.
  • Conventional Zoom accounts, for video calls between two Zoom customers, are free. 
    • Yes, Zoom will happily take your money if you want to upgrade your conventional account and get their advanced features  hosting webinars and such like. 
    • Hey, even if you don't host webinars, maybe your boss does  and would appreciate a referral to a reliable video service.
  • Zoom is private.
    • It uses end-to-end encryption.
    • You get to see my live-action smiling face, and to thus confirm that it really is me who is talking with you, before you start to discuss private matters. I get to see your live-action smiling face, too.
    • Zoom not only supports private video-calls, but also allows callers to privately exchange files, such as PDFs and Microsoft Word documents.

Snail Mail

PO BOX 2183

Take note:

  • I don't pick up my mail from my box every day. I do pick it up fairly often.
  • Yes, you can also send a package to me via FedEx or UPS. 
    • You're not limited to US Postal Service "mail".
    • If you do send me a package via FedEx or UPS, please use:

      34281 DOHENY PARK RD UNIT 2183
      CAPISTRANO BEACH, CA  92624-8008
    • Please contact me (preferably by email) when FedEx/UPS reports they they have delivered your package. 
      • FedEx/UPS packages are not the primary mailstream of the US Postal Service.
      • There is a non-zero chance that no notice, "You have a package", will be placed into my PO box.

Physical Address

Here are some turn-by-turn directions.
  • WARNING: Give serious consideration to taking a Metrolink train instead of driving. South Orange County traffic can be nasty, even on weekends.
  • Yes, it's fast and easy for me to pick you up at the station as the party's starting, and to drop you off in time for you to catch your return train as the party's ending.
  • Yes, my turn-by-turn directions give complete details on which trains to take, and from where.
  • Metrolink will let you ride all day Sunday for a flat rate of $10!


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