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Click here to send me an email.
  • Email is inherently insecure.
  • Please don't send me any passwords, credit card numbers, or the like!
  • Well, maybe a password for a one-time Zoom video conversation which you'd like me to join.

Telephone and Text

Please phone (and text) me at the office.

Snail Mail

Please send snail mail (whether US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS) to me at the office.

Video Calls

Surprisingly, I don't use Zoom.

  • Instead, I use Talky. No softward download, no account. Just knock on the door of my Talky room:
  • Send me an email ahead of time, so that I know to be in my Talky room, ready to offer you a cup of virtual coffee when I hear your knock.
  • Maybe Zoom room number 747 0817 5291 will work. Maybe.

Physical Address

Here are some turn-by-turn directions.