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Email -- Telephone -- Snail Mail -- Video Calls -- Physical Address -- Legalese/Privacy


Click here to send me an email.
  • Email is inherently insecure. Please don't send me any passwords, credit card numbers, or the like!
  • Instead, contact me by Zoom video call if you need our conversation to be private.


Please call (and text) me at the office.

Snail Mail

Please send snail mail (whether US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS) to me at the office.

Video Calls

I use the Zoom video service.
  • Zoom is free for entry-level customers (the ones who need only to make one-to-one video calls to other customers). 
    • Yes, Zoom will happily take your money if you want to upgrade your entry-level account and get their advanced features  hosting webinars and such like. 
    • Tell your boss.
  • Zoom is secure.
    • It uses end-to-end encryption.
    • You get to see my live-action smiling face, and to thus confirm that it really is me who is talking with you, before you start to discuss private matters. I get to see your live-action smiling face, too.
    • Zoom also supports secure chat messaging, and the secure sending of files (such as PDFs and Microsoft Word documents), even when the receiving customer is off line. The receiving customer gets a conventional email: "You have a secure Zoom message. Please log in to Zoom and retreive it."

Physical Address

Here are some turn-by-turn directions.
  • WARNING: Give serious consideration to taking a Metrolink train instead of driving. South Orange County traffic can be nasty, even on weekends.
  • Yes, it's fast and easy for me to pick you up at the station as the party's starting, and to drop you off in time for you to catch your return train as the party's ending.
  • Yes, my turn-by-turn directions give complete details on which trains to take, and from where.
  • Metrolink will let you ride all day Sunday for a flat rate of $10!


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